Cynthia Karube-Spangler

        ACE Personal Trainer

SilverSneakersFLEX Instructor


​  Hi there! I am so glad you stopped by. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a certified SilverSneakersFLEX instructor.  I have been personal and group training for over 20 years.  Health and wellness is one of my passions specializing in restorative and conditioning coaching.  I study hard to stay current and knowledgeable in

my field of practice.

   I am a grandmother of five beautiful children with plans to stick around to see their children. I enjoy cooking, trying new recipes and techniques. I spend a lot of time researching the latest in a number of topics but especially health and wellness.

I love working around the home and property my husband and

I recently purchased and I love the mountains where we live.

   Since my early teens I have struggled with my own weight. 

I have weighed nearly 200 lbs more than once in my life.  I 

tried every trending diet out there, one after the other, with

no lasting results. Frustrated and in my 40's I finally hired a personal trainer and it changed my life. I got trained and educated! In fact, it changed my life so much so that I became

a personal trainer myself so that I can help others, like me,

to get comfortable in their own skin again.  I love this stuff!