Total Transformation

Meet Lillian after her 30 Day Challenge Makeover!! All her hard work has paid off!

Lillian's Fitness Transformation

Lillian is the tall one in the center pictured with the Challenge sponsors. "I learned so much, " she said, "I feel better, I have more energy. I look better and my confidence is up. I've learned that numbers on the scale do not matter as much as my clothes fitting better and how much better I feel."

We specifically designed a nourishing food plan to eliminate energy-zapping, roller-coaster-ride blood sugar levels and trigger the body to burn fat instead of storing it. We also implemented a workout program that could be done pretty much anywhere, as Brim is a stay-at-home mom and direct sales company operator.

You can read more in this fabulous article by The Daily Times: Lillian's transformation

Now how about you? Need a little fitness tune up? Spring is here, Summer is just around the corner. Join up with one of our small personal training groups and focus on YOUR FITNESS for 30 Days. Come out feeling better and SUMMER READY!

No membership, no contracts. Just results.

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