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30/30/3 FAST TRACK

         My 30/30/3 Fast Track is a relatively intense training 

      and nutrition program.  30 days! 30 minutes! 3x a week.                No pills, no frills! Eat REAL FOODS outlined for you 

       in the program's nutrition guide and planner I provide!

        NOT a starvation diet!  DROP 3 to 8 pounds or more!

   Lose 5-7 inches (a pants size or two!) in just 30 short days!

>the quickest way to get fit

           This program guarantees that you get the close personal attention, support and focus PLUS the customized           

                                     programming, needed specifically for you.  Wallet-friendly and attention rich, 

                                                      this is one of my most popular personal training options.


       Experience your jeans fitting better, increased energy, more strength and stamina, and more endurance!  Not to

                                          mention increased flexibility and better sleep ... all in just 30 short days! 

                              These are just a few of the many benefits my clients rave about! THIS CAN BE YOU TOO!


                                                                     Now here's something you should know: 

           You ARE going to work hard!  You MAY experience soreness in your muscles--nothing too bad but definitely           

                                         some soreness letting you know that you just had an awesome workout... 

                              AND...results are going to come and will be significant when you follow your program!  

30/30/3 FAST TRACK

30 Days, 30 Minutes, 3x a week, with me, your trainer!

Days and times to be decided

CONTACT ME NOW for more information

about this dynamic program ! 


Your initial consultation includes:

  • Digital before & after pictures

  • Personalized progressive program design

  • Food Coaching

  • Your personalized training sessions

 Private 1-on-1 Training
 Semi-Private 1-on-2 Training

Brand new to training?

Need challenge and accountability?

Know-how with results?

Do you have health conditions and are unsure of yourself?


     Health, fitness, peak performance, whatever that means for you, I am here to help you achieve your personal best

                                             in the safest, most effective and shortest amount of time possible.

                               I am adamant about safety, form, and technique, and I am passionate for results.  

                                                                             FIT IS WHAT YOU GET with CYNTHIA!